I have written one novella and cowritten a second with my friend and writing partner, Deb Rotuno. Together, we formed RR Books, and after I edited her three, we published them as well. You can check all of our books out now!

Jenny’s Books

Christmas Magic by Jenny Rarden

Christmas Magic

Luke Taylor looks like an ordinary man, but when his father retires, his life changes forever. One day a year, he becomes the world’s greatest gift-giver: Santa Claus. Christmas magic swirls through the air in Santa’s village at the North Pole. It changes Luke into Santa, men into reindeer, and allows Santa to find his Mrs.

Sadie Green is an elf who works in the dollhouse workshop. Christmas magic is at work when Luke bumps into Sadie one cold night just before Christmas, and these two soon realize they are soul mates.

Whether it’s the Northern Lights, elves and Santas who barely age, or the ability to live in negative-forty degree temperatures, Christmas magic works in amazing and mysterious ways.

Love Unthinkable

Have a kinky side? Feeling a little…dark…unorthodox? Looking for the taboo? Look no further. “Love Unthinkable: Taboo Tales of Forbidden Love & Lust” is an anthology containing six short stories, all with a taboo theme, from incest, to rape, and everything in between. These stories are anywhere from 1800 to 14,000 words, but all are hot-hot-hot!

The Heart Wants

Lyndsay and Zach Baker have been brother and sister since they were one, when her father married his mother. But by the time they’re in their first year of college, neither thinks of the other as simply their sibling, even if neither of them has ever admitted that aloud.

Colton White has been Zach’s best friend for years. He’s also Lyndsay’s secret crush.

When a drinking game between the three gets heated, lines are crossed. Will they embrace their new relationships, or will it be a mistake that will ruin their lives?

Our Books

High Heels & Hard Drives

Ryan “Sully” Sullivan, fresh back from deployment for the Army, is the newest IT employee for Turcotte Industries. He expected jammed printers and forgotten passwords, not an entire floor of trouble-making women or a pair of glorious legs that always seemed to wear the most dangerous heels…

Bailey Beck, writer for Âme magazine, is tired of being the fifth wheel around her coupled-off friends and is maybe just a little tiny bit envious. When the handsome new IT guy shows up to fix her coworker’s “broken” printer, she’s instantly infatuated, but one-night stands just aren’t her thing.

Can an office flirtation turn into something more, or will misunderstandings and flirty redheads ruin Ryan and Bailey’s chance at true happiness?

Deb Rotuno’s Books

Rain Must Fall (RMF #1)

Jack Chambers was all the way across the country—separated from his family—when life as he knew it came to a screeching halt. A virus straight out of a horror movie has been unleashed, turning friends, neighbors, and family members into a walking nightmare. Jack must fight to make his way back home to his wife and son from Florida all the way to Oregon in a world that is determined to kill them all.

Sara Chambers considered herself to be a strong-minded military wife and mother. When her husband is called away for temporary duty, she never thought that her quiet, small-town life would be turned upside down. Following her husband’s frantic instructions, Sara must protect their son, Freddie, and the last remaining members of the small town of Sandy, Oregon, and get them somewhere safe, get them to the one place Jack told her to take them—their cabin at Clear Lake.

The world is no longer safe. It’s kill or be killed. With the odds stacked against them, Jack and Sara fight to not only survive but to hold on to hope that their family can be reunited even against such incredible odds.

Sun Still Shining (RMF #2)

As the Chambers family adjusts to being reunited with each other and their fellow camp members, winter starts to barrel down on the cabins at Clear Lake. The worry of impending snow and unknown violent survivors rests heavily on Jack’s shoulders. He’s determined to keep his family and friends safe, but time is ticking and space is running out at the cabins.

Hope is a fragile thing in the new world, but that’s all Jack and Sara have to cling to as they face an uncertain future for themselves and their family. For no longer is the threat against them merely those infected by the virus unleashed by Hurricane Beatrice. While some stay at Clear Lake to protect the only home they have, others must scout out a new place to live that will accommodate them all. Someplace safe, someplace warm. But splitting up may prove dangerous.

Lives are on the line and loyalties are tested as the members of Clear Lake realize that the virus isn’t the only threat out there. They must fight together to not only survive but also to thrive in their new reality, and for some, their new life may end before it truly begins.

A Few Tables Away (Glenhaven #1)

Evan Shaw has wanted to be invisible since he was twelve. A shadow of guilt and fear follow him wherever he goes, even across the country. Not even sunny Glenhaven, Florida could chase away the dark clouds of Evan’s past. It’s not until the college library that Evan finally wished someone would see him.

Dani Bishop was born and raised in Glenhaven. The daughter of two professors at Edgewater College, she starts her freshman year, eyeing the cute guy in the library. Getting to know him isn’t easy, and she realizes there’s more to him and his past than meets the eye.

Evan wants a future away from fear and hatred, and he’ll eventually have to face those things head-on. But first, he’ll try to work up the courage to talk to the girl in the college library just a few tables away.